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What brings you to a wedding planning website is definitely a Wedding on the cards!!!

Weddings are crazy, and so are the preparations, the times are gone, when the family had all the time and resources to organize a wedding in the Community centre, the nearest temple or a nearby Lawn. A Cook would occupy the backyard of the old traditional houses and guests would start pouring in 7 days before the wedding and the celebrations would follow. 5 Star Hotels were the dreams of a few and accessible only by the top notch. Food, dance, fancy clothes, jewellery, gifts and Sweets were all weddings were about. The friends and family would dance to the tunes of the traditional authentic dhol and procession would walk to the brides’ house and take the bride in a palanquin and they lived happily ever after….

Wait are we talking about some old Hindi bolly wood movie or did something like this ever existed???
Well, our ancestors would tell us better, the times have changed, so has the meaning of the term Wedding. It is no more just a celebration, it is a THE DAY we plan for, not just for weeks or months, but for years…!
Well, how to decide, whether you need a planner or not ???
1. Are you planning a destination wedding?

2. Do you know the destination In and Out?

3. Do you know exactly the role of the Wedding Planner?

4. Do you have the time to do this yourself?

5. Do you have a budget to stick to?

6. Do you have the experience to judge the quality of suppliers?

7. Can you trust the suppliers you would book by means of internet or a couple of meetings?

8. Whom in the family would you appoint to tackle the last minute hassles?

Well, i think the above questions will help you self analyze whether you should consider having a planner or not.
Of course if you are looking at saving money, this is surely an expense you can avoid, but this is a cost at the cost of your Big Day! Is that okay with you!

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