Preparing for the wedding? Make sure to pay ample consideration to decoration which is one crucial area that must be done well to make the event a good one. Wedding decorations can jazz up the entire occasion and perk up the day. That is why this particular aspect is paying a lot of courtesy by a lot of people. There are ample of great ideas for Wedding decorations that can be chosen as per the interest and budget just for the wedding.
A huge attention is paid on the designing of a wedding mandap in traditional Indian weddings. In fact, it is the sanctified place where the crucial and sacred ceremonies like mangal pheras, kanyadan, jaimala, and mangalsutra bandhan take place. The mandap is the place where the couple ties in the bond of intimacy. Mandap decoration has gained popularity with the changing times, earlier, the wedding used to happen in the bride’s place and the mandap was set up in the quad.

On the other hand, mandap today is the colourful, vibrant spreading constructive rays everywhere. Since all the major rituals take place in the mandap so the size of the mandap should be sufficient to hold all the imperative items along with the seating arrangement of the bride, groom and the priest play an important role. There should be plentiful space for the couple to move around the sacred fire and take the pheras.

The initial step for wedding decoration planning is the decision of the theme for your marriage. The theme decoration must not only epitomize the couple, but the time of the year and wedding location, as well. In the end, a tropical theme really does not suit a winter wedding and a winter theme will of course not go with a tropical season.

Wedding table centrepiece is another key piece of your wedding reception decoration. Most of the time of the guests is spent at the table during the reception, so this is the area that requires special effort and time. It is however, important that your centrepiece should go with the colour scheme and wedding reception decoration.


Rangolis form an important part of Indian Weddings


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