A jewel in the crown of Udaipur, this fort attract you with its first look .Nestled in the Aravali hills, the 18th century Devigarh palace in the village of Delwara. Devigarh was restored and certain areas were rebuilt after years of restoration. The Fort palace was conceived as a place where the past meets the future. This is an all suite luxury hotel comprising of 39 suites with an emphasis on design and detail, using local marbles and semi-precious stones. The contemporary design showcased within this spectacular heritage property, complemented by personalised and intimate service, creates a new image of India for the 21st century. The property is really popular with weddings, honeymooners and for celebrations.

Weddings in India are an elaborate affair and Devigarh tries to create a Royal experience when organizing weddings within the Palace premises.

The bridegroom arrives on an elephant with horses and camels following. After the welcome escorted to the floral canopy ( mandap) for the wedding ceremony. The bride arrives in an open palanquin and the dramatic setting says it all. Wedding in Devigarh are dreams of few and can’t get better. Our Wedding planners understand that these venues are dramatic enough and need not be overdone with decor, just enhanced with colors and flowers, and lights.

The property offers the following venues:-

Event Venues

Event Venues


Janana Courtyard

10- 40 persons

Durbar Courtyard

10- 40 persons

Restaurant Terrace

10- 40 persons

Pool side

20-140 persons

Reception lawn

20- 60 persons

Garden suite lawn

40-100 persons

Entrance Lawn

40-100 persons





If you are a small gathering and are looking at putting together a small memorable wedding, this is the venue for you. Write to us and we will plan it for you:-

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