Drop us a query, with your choice of destination, wedding date and as many details as possible. This is the first stage and we appreciate communication, this is the best way to plan you big day.

To be precise to plan your wedding in India, these are some basic details we will want from you:-

  • Tentative Weddings date
  • Days of celebrations
  • Guests attending the wedding ( Even approximate number would do)
  • Destination ( You can check out our section on destinations)
  • Any venue preference
  • Themes /Colours you like
  • Approximate budget

Any comments that you want us to keep in mind.

You may be desiring a “ Big Fat Indian Wedding”, A subtle “ English Ceremony” or an intimate “ Couple or small gathering”.

Please do not think twice before you write to us, just write your heart out.

We strongly believe in talking to the point relating to your dreams, our team is skilled to take care of your Wedding Planning & Hospitality needs.

1.       The wedding planner will take all details from you and draft a free plan

2.       We will share the plan and presentation with you.

3.       We appreciate feedbacks, thus you feedbacks will be incorporated in the plan.

4.       The final plan will be sent for approval

5.       Then we cost the final plan and send across the cost break up for you review.

6.       The costs are then reviewed and discussed in detail based on the actual suppliers.

7.       The profiles of our panellists and actual suppliers are discussed with you in utmost details.

8.       We also accept your suggestions for suppliers and incorporate them as and when required.

9.       The next step is definitely a Reccee to the venue with the prospective bride, groom and family.

10.   Your planner will accompany you for the reccee to the destination. ( This is a chargeable service) and is the final stage of consultation.

11.   On the meeting with our planner, you gain more confidence and get a face to your planner.

12.   This is the time when we visit the venues and finalize the wedding venue.

13.   We also share our work with you in form of pictures of various weddings organised by our team at various destinations.

14.   The Reccee is recommended at least 4 to 6 months prior to the wedding.

15.   After the Reccee and venue finalization, we move on to planning and contracting phase.

16.   A Service Level Contract is signed between the “ Client” and “ The Shaadi Company” and the operations start.

17.   The Operations teams takes over from here and the booking of each element is made step by step.

We hope the above is satisfactory for you, now without thinking twice drop us an e mail at

We are also on Skype: Garimakumar.weddings


  1. Ishu Kohli says:


    Just wanted to know about the wedding, actually m sister is getting married this yr 29th April in Delhi/ Noida. so wanted to about the best venue in town and all other celebrations like mehndi celebrations.

    so please share me the details as soon as possible as we have to book the places soon and what’s d cost for whole wedding??


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